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Zen Dating: 10 Ways To Become A Peaceful Date

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On the surface, Zen is known for being a very eccentric and flirtatious character.

These easy steps will help bring zen to important parts of your life: time at work, time commuting, and time in the bedroom. Get the full story on The Hive.

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Watch Intro. The spirit of Tableau is our customers. We build software for the everyday person. By listening to and engaging with our community, we not only build better software, but ultimately a better company. From this community, a select few have risen above all the rest in their mastery of the product, their willingness to share knowledge and most crucially their desire to help us improve the Tableau solutions of tomorrow.

They are, at the same time, our biggest advocates as well as our harshest critics.

Find Your Zen: 5 Tips On Creating a Stunning Minimalist Bathroom Here are some tips to accomplish your minimalist look. Select your Preferred Date*.

We all know that dating like life is full of ups, downs and rejection. My first book, Dating from the Inside Out , teaches singles to view dating as a spiritual journey. For this article, I thought it would be fun to apply some Zen Buddhist principles to the art of becoming a peaceful date. So, here are 10 of these principles as they apply to Zen dating! Just enjoy the moment and have fun the first few months. Be here now. We want them to be who we imagine they are. To be a Zen dater you must accept things as they are and learn to work with what is.

You may be picking unavailable men or men who are overly critical. Learn your pattern to discover how you sabotage yourself and maintain your suffering through unconscious dating. You can do this by completing the exercises in my first book, Dating from the Inside Out.


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There are endless questions that can spin around your head before, during and after a date, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some top dating tips for.

My dear friend Whitney was in town the other week, and one of the things we talked quite a bit about was how Buddhism has helped her feel more at peace with life. She wrote a fantastic essay for this month’s Marie Claire about how she converted after being a life-long atheist. One of the key things Buddhists try to keep in mind: When someone does something that makes you feel bad, it’s rarely the case that his goal was to hurt you. Rather, he was trying to make himself feel good, or happy–or, at least, to minimize his own pain or discomfort as much as possible.

Which is kind of a long way of saying: Don’t take it personally. Familiar as that might sound, it was good to hear what Whitney was explaining—so good that I decided to find out if there was some Buddhism guru out there who might have some tips about how to “stay Zen” while dating. So I did. And after I contacted him to ask if he had any insight into how to apply Buddhist ideas to dating, he wrote back to say:.

What to do About That Quarter-Life Crisis: Dating

Some things will be beyond your control, but for those things you can control, we want to empower you to take them into your own hands and regain your zen. Think about it—most of us spend the majority of our time throughout the week at work, so why not make it a place that you can enjoy as much as you would a room in your own home? With just a few quick fixes and additions, your workspace can be transformed into a haven for calm, focused productivity.

In the 2nd of our 3-part article series, therapist Masha Sorkin shares her tips and tricks for somethings navigating the ups and down of dating.

Grand River Ave. Howell, MI Short of hiring a wedding planner , which can get a little pricey, there are some things you can do to find your zen and keep the stress of planning at a minimum so that you can enjoy the time leading up to your vows. But take it easy, step back, and make a plan. To get started, you can check out our blog, where we have a ton of planning checklists to help you with anything from parties to items that can wait , and last-minute details.

Now, give those tasks away! Share your wedding planning duties with as many people as you can. A lot of people will offer to help. Some might just be being nice but if they offer, take them up on it! With a clear budget, you can steer clear of the items or venues that are going to push your budget and you over the limit. This should be one of the first things you decide on with your partner. Sit down before you start planning, think about your financial goals for the future, find out how much family will be paying for and how much you will have to cover on your own, and choose a number that makes sense to everyone.

And during your date?

Dating Someone with Anxiety: 8 Do’s & Don’ts

Every relationship comes with its share of challenges. To make those ups and downs easier to decipher, it’s helpful to learn how your partner’s anxiety manifests. Such a shared understanding of anxiety can even help make your relationship stronger, since you’ll be able to see your partner’s internal struggles clearly and compassionately.

Here are eight tips that will help you wrangle with the anxiety together, rather than let it take over your relationship.

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Unfortunately, being single today is not easy. Understatement, I guess in light of the many single ads, books, services and options which attempt to address this life status. Why is this? There are two fundamental problems here. First, it is difficult, for a number of reasons, to be at peace with being single. Second, it is very difficult to meet other singles, in most any environment much less a healthy environment or process.

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