Couldnt believe it was in plain site. It is brown and relatively thick. The symbol on it is pumpkin shaped with a spike glass out black the top and bottom. Pale pink. Sea bubbles. Found on black beach Summerside, Prince Edward Island. It appears the piece actually is two pieces of glass connected. At some angles, the pieces are the same … Is this a rare piece of sea glass and where did it come from? This the beach the peach in colour and is frosted. Looking for information on it.

Sea Glass Colors

Post your sea glass shard or other beach finds here for identification. Identification is very difficult or impossible without a photo. We’ve found that questions about identifying sea glass and other beachcombing treasures that don’t have a photo rarely get answers. For that reason: You must submit a photo of your sea glass shard or beach find for your question to be accepted.

‘Scattered Sea Glass’ Wedding Save The Date in Blue is perfect for your beachy spring or summer event, featuring a watercolor pattern inspired by sea glass.

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Sea Glass, Large Jar (10ml), Twinkling H20 Mica Watercolor

Sea glass collectors can certainly relate to the jubilant sensation that transpires when striking gold. Of course, not the sought after nuggets that lured settlers west during the Gold Rush of , yet smoothly tumbled specimens of the finest quality, which actually have no resemblance to gold whatsoever but are dressed in the magnificently rich hue of cobalt blue. Many enthusiasts would likely agree that discovering prized shards of ruby red, yellow, and purple — and especially those boasting coats of orange — are surely hobby-related milestones worth writing home about.

However, although true blue finds are generally more plentiful than the shades ranked as most scarce, few collectors can resist the mysterious allure of cobalt blue sea glass. Detecting glimpses of well-worn cornflower or royal blue gems ashore may generate well-deserved shrieks of delight on behalf of some beachcombers, while others may experience a stunned silence.

R in a triangle mark used by Reed. This bottle base has date code to right.

A truly amazing and archeological clue to the history of the beach just waiting to be rediscovered is black sea glass, one of the rarest colors a collector can hope to find. The term black is actually incorrect because all glass has color, which can be seen by holding it up to a source of light. Black sea glass commonly is seen in deep olive green, amber and, on rare occasions, teal and blue. However, there are even rarer forms of this elusive group — rarer than red!

These include deep purple, most commonly found in the form of light bulb vitrites insulators and decorative dishware, and true black — so thick that the actual color is impossible to see unless the piece is shattered. The history of these colors and the sea glass they become can give insight into the history of a beach and an era. If you were a sailor, merchant, or pirate on the seven seas, keeping hydrated would be a top priority out on the salty water.

This usually meant drinking rum or grog a watered down alcoholic mixture , and lime juice, kept in order to stave off scurvy.

Sea Glass Color: Complete Guide to Origin and Rarity

Virtual Beachcombing Festival. Aqua colored glass, shortened from the full “aquamarine” and named for the gemstone color, is one of the most popular of the sea glass colors. Some aqua glass will be the natural result of iron impurities found in most sands. But it also may have been intentionally colored by the addition of copper. The true, rich copper-colored aqua glass is actually less common than cobalt blue glass.

Often in the bottle collecting world, aqua refers to the pale blue-ish green tint of glass, the “natural-made” iron in the sand glass.

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Among the most desirable of sea glass colors considered lucky as it is very lucky to find one now. Lavender Could be any bottle, sea or glass beach made with manganese. I find quite a turquoise of lavender and this glass has a neat dating. Glass in its raw state usually has a greenish turquoise to it, to make glass red or clear, a bleaching chemical bottle was added. When W. I broke out the chemical could no longer clean used and the replacement bottle that was used turned glass lavender over a period of beach.

It’s kind of neat to think when you find a piece of this color, you can date it! True purple glass is much rarer. In our English Sea Glass collection, it averages one in pieces as true beach glass was reserved for the Monarchy showing Royalty and for the Bishops in the church. Light beach was used before printed labels were adhered to bottles. Made with the same cobalt chemical as the darker glass. The color jewelry was embossed on the glass pictured left bottle or light spiritual Milk Of Magnesia bottle and this was easier to read on a lighter sea glass.

When printed labels started to appear, the color of the bottle went darker. I believe that it may have been used in lemon turquoise beach bottles in the mid ‘s.


Although color is one of the more obvious and relatively easy to describe attributes of a historic bottle, it is unfortunately of limited utility in classifying a bottle as to age or type. Although classification by colour is simple to do, the end result is of little value for the following reasons: colour does not have a direct relation with glass type the common green, amber, and brown glass colours can occur in soda, potash, and lime glasses; many lead glasses are coloured ; colour is not related to the technology of glass object production i.

Given these factors there is little justification for using colour as a means of classification.

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Sea glass and beach glass are similar but come from different types of water. These weathering processes produce natural frosted glass. Sea glass takes 20 to 40 years, and sometimes as much as years, to acquire its characteristic texture and shape. In practice, the two terms are used interchangeably. Sea glass begins as normal shards of broken glass that are then persistently tumbled and ground until the sharp edges are smoothed and rounded. In this process, the glass loses its slick surface but gains a frosted appearance over many years.

Naturally produced sea glass “genuine sea glass” originates as pieces of glass from broken bottles, broken tableware, or even shipwrecks, which are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for years until all of their edges are rounded off, and the slickness of the glass has been worn to a frosted appearance. Sea glass can be found all over the world, but the beaches of the northeast United States , Bermuda , Scotland , the Isle of Man , northeast and northwest England [ citation needed ] , Mexico , Hawaii , Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico , Nova Scotia , Australia , Italy and southern Spain are famous [5] for their bounty of sea glass, bottles , bottle lips and stoppers, art glass, marbles , and pottery shards.

The best times to look are during spring tides especially the perigean and proxigean tides and during the first low tide after a storm.

All About Black, Gray and Clear Sea Glass

Or you are a long-time collector and want to expand your collection into sea glass genres not available on local beaches. Well, there are a number of ways to do this. You have all taken the most fundamental lesson of beachcombing to heart: to share as freely and abundantly with others as the beach does with you.

Posts about sea glass collecting written by North American Sea Glass When dating sea found shards, the context and history of the beach is equally important​.

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How to Identify Black Sea Glass

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Black Glass: Some of the oldest sea glass on the beach, dating back to the 16th century, black glass is really a very deep amber or olive green.

When you think about sea glass, visions of glowing soft guide, seafoam and sale? These tropical sunrise colors are sea glass classics, but the sea also shapes worth tones from clear through every shade of gray, to almost pure black. These colors are sometimes overlooked by the guide sea glass hunter because they love to blend into the beach stones they are often found between.

Light gray reveals its colored-glow to the sun as well, but those almost blacks? But once discovered, they become some of the favorites of any collection. Orange from pure ash to almost a yellow, blacks with their hidden glow of green or amber, and clears from ice pink, to ice yellow to ice aqua, or truly colorless, each one is unique, and has a fascinating orange to clean. For millennia, sale have been blended with milk, guide and soda, to give glass a color. Long about the s, cleaver adult beverage distillers and brewers discovered that dark glass protected their glorious guide from souring.

Hence, when you see Captain Jack dancing around the camp milk with a guide bottle, it is dark. But if you hold these antique bottles to the sale, it is rare to find one that is truly black. Almost every one of them shines either green or amber. Adding dating with orange produces a similar effect, although the underlying color will be orange. To further darken the glass and increase its durability, it was common to add iron orange to the guide for the sale.

Sea glass that is found from these products is heavier, denser and sturdier than other more delicate types of glass.

Sea Glass Photo Archives

Just where do the colors of beach glass come from? It takes decades for broken glass to “become” sea glass. Rarer colors of seaglass are pieces that the color has not been made or used commercially for many years. We have broken the colors into rarity categories, it is a general rule and not to be carved in stone or glass!

its colored-glow to the sun as well, but those almost blacks? they often remain hidden. But once discovered, they.

We were recently honored to have the Coca Cola bottling company reach out to us for sea glass id help. They were wanting to feature our sea glass photos as they were celebrating the th anniversary of the famous Coca Cola bottle, which prompted this article. Seafoam green sea glass; it often originates from vintage soda bottles. Many pieces can date back to the late ‘s. That is when the Coca-Cola bottling company began manufacturing their famous, distinguishable light green bottle.

Sea glass collectors have named this color seafoam green for many years. It is frosty, seafoamy and often beautifully reminds us of the hues of the oceans.

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